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Full-text searching supports a number of options, listed below. You can use a combination of these to specify your search more precisely.

search for these words To search for one or more words anywhere in the text, type a word or phrase separated by spaces. Words of two characters or less are not used.
+search +for these words To force exact matching of a word, use the plus sign.
+search -engine Use the minus sign if there are particular words you don't want included in the search.
"search engine" To search for a particular phrase, use double quotes around it.
user:Kim To search for text written by a particular user, enter a "user:" prefix (see sample).
userid:6 If you know a person's user id, you can specify it directly in the search (see sample).
subject:assessment To search for a word within the subject or title of a text only, enter a "subject:" prefix (see sample).

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